CCTV Systems

A CCTV system presents the ultimate in security for your family or business, with systems to meet all budgets and requirements, from a single analogue camera to be viewed on your existing television to fully integrated, networked systems across multiple sites with remote monitoring. 

The introduction in recent years of High Definition CCTV systems has made the images on CCTV systems much clearer resulting in a greater chance of capturing footage that can be used in identification and prosecutions. All CCTV systems that utilise a recorder (DVR / NVR / Built In) offer the ability to be viewed remotely on a phone / tablet / PC (Broadband link required). Our engineers will help and advise you on the type and number of cameras required as well as advising on the Do’s and Don’ts of CCTV such as where the camera can point and what you can and cannot film.

There are many uses for CCTV in modern society, for example: 
Crime Deterrent / Prevention 
Locks will help to keep unwanted visitors out of your property but if anyone does gain access, being able to identify them increases the likelihood of prosecution. The presence of CCTV will help discourage activity in or around your property in the first instance. 
In the workplace, CCTV can aid management to ensure safe and ethical working practices are being adhered to, keeping staff safe and thus reduce claims, days lost through sickness or injury and product losses. 
Theft Reduction in Shops – A lack of in-store security can have a major impact on incidents of shoplifting. CCTV cameras can discourage this behaviour and subsequently enable you to recover the costs of installation and gain a return on your investment both financially and practically. 
False Claims Reduction  
With an increasing number of claims, sometimes false or exaggerated, the presence of CCTV can help to corroborate actual events and reduce fraudulent claims 

CCTV Maintenance, Servicing & Support 
After the first year, if you have signed up for one of our CCTV maintenance plans then we will send one of our engineers once per year for annual maintenance. We will call you every year to book an appointment for an engineer to visit. Maintenance includes:   

  • Adjusting cameras
  • Recalibrating cameras 
  • Cleaning cameras 
  • Checking DVR (Digital Video Recorder) 
  • Cleaning inside DVR 
  • Defragmenting hard drive and formatting if required 
  • Cleaning fan 
  • Ensuring the camera housing is weather proof 
  • Trimming any bushes or branches for example that are covering cameras