Powered Doors & Windows

Powered Door Openers

At the touch of a button, an Automatic Door Opener gives complete independence for entry and exit of a property. It will unlock, open, pause for a set period of time, close and lock it securely again.

Operation is variable, such as remote control, push pad or other mechanism, depending on physical requirement or preference.  

Being high powered and line of sight not being necessary, the control can be situated anywhere within the property. Conveniently, the Automatic Door Opener can be linked to an existing Door Entry / Access control system for seamless operation. 

Security is always at the forefront of our minds and all of our Automatic Door Openers incorporate a door release mechanism, the Electric Strike, which allows the continued use of existing keys to gain entry through the door by others when required. In some instances, such as multi-point locking UPVC / Composite Doors, additional hardware may need to be installed to maintain the security of the door system. 

Powered Window Openers

Solar powered window openers are ideal for providing natural ventilation in new builds and existing properties and offices. Being solar powered, there is no requirement to run power cables or have an unsightly power supply box permanently plugged in.  

The Solar Powered Window opener is activated by a convenient remote control. A single remote control can operate multiple Window Openers at the same time as line of sight is not required. The Solar Powered Window Opener is so low powered that even inclement weather will provide enough charge for normal daily operation providing the window in question is roughly south facing.