signal reception surveys

Television (or Satellite) reception impact surveys are often carried out where construction projects have the potential to disrupt TV (or Satellite) signals to dwellings in the local area. Larger proposed developments and wind farms often require these surveys to be carried out to meet planning conditions as part of UK planning law. 

A typical Pre-Construction Signal Impact survey report would include details of the TV transmitter serving the local area, along with distance, direction and height AOD. In the event of more than one transmitter serving the area, details would also be logged for the additional transmitter. Detailed mapping would then take place to identify the potential impact area along with proposed test locations for the field team. Following this, a field team would visit the proposed location and carry out the required tests, logging the position co-ordinates so that, in the event of a post construction survey being required, the same locations can be visited and verified. A report is then generated including a map detailing the test positions and technical advice on suitable mitigation measures if signals were to be affected by the new development. 

Post construction signal impact surveys are carried out in much the same way, utilising the co-ordinates from the initial pre-construction survey to verify the initial findings and providing solutions should issues be identified. If you are interested in this service please contact us on 0161 370 8572 to request a sample report.